Agenda Snapshot 2018 - The Agenda will heavily focus on the latest financing developments for renewable energy in areas like capital markets,project securitization,funds,green bonds, investment strategies and many more.



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09.45 - 10.00

Opening Remarks


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Session 1

Capital Raising: Changing Times For Renewable Energy In India



  • Global Investment Outlook: What Have Been The Major Trends In From Global Investment Scenario?

  • Indian Investment Outlook: What Is The Indian Investment Outlook Till 2022? Which Sectors Will Growth In Investment?

  • Impact Of Policy: Which Major Energy Sector Policies Are Shaping New Investments In India

  • Debt Markets: How Will Recent Developments in Banking Regulations & Reforms Impact Domestic Lending and Overseas Borrowing

  • Equity Markets: Addressing Return Expectations Of Equity Investors In The Current Times

  • Competitive Bidding & Auctions: How Has Competitive Bidding Shaped The RE Industry? What Have Been The Major Learnings For The Investors From Last Few Years Of Competitive Growth?

  • Legal & Regulatory Developments: Impact Of Recent Regulatory Changes On Financial & Capital Markets


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Session 2

Secondary Markets, Risk Management and Mitigation


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  • Risks Identification: Defining Key Risk Areas In Renewable Energy Financing In Today’s Times

  • Sectors & States: Analysing Risk Profile Across Sectors and States Carry More Risk?

  • Market Trends In Secondary Markets: Discussion on Market Trends driving M&A Deals in the Renewable Energy Portfolio

  • Next Consolidation Opportunities: Key Learnings & Challenges From Recent Deals. Which segment Will See More M&A Activity?

  • Asset Quality: Evaluating Life, Quality & Returns Of Current The Operational Assets - Wind, Solar, Rooftop Solar etc. Will Asset Portfolios See Discounting Or Premiums In Pricing?

  • Valuations: Key Technical Challenges In Utility Scale Solar, Rooftop Solar & Wind Energy Assets Valuations

  • Insurance: How Are Companies Overcoming the Identified Risks? New Insurance Products, Structures & Costs

  • Customised Risk Management Solutions: How Can Developers Move Towards More Customised Risk Management Products?




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Session 3

New Investment Opportunities: Storage-Integrated Projects, Wind-Solar Hybrids, Floating Solar

14:30 - 15.30


  • Opportunities in investing in Energy Storage Technologies: Is Investing In Energy Storage Projects A Viable Business Opportunity Today? What are the business models and financing structures are taking place?

  • Financing Challenges: Is Financing A Challenge For Floating Solar, RE Hybrid, Energy Storage & Offshore Wind Projects?

  • Finding The Capital: Is It The Right Time For These New Sectors? What Is The Appetite Amongst Investors For These Opportunities?

  • Rejuvenating Grids: Opportunities in Investing into Transmission Networks and New Business Models In Renewable Energy Transmission?

  • Manufacturing: Is Manufacturing Really The Big New Investment Opportunity For The Indian RE Sector?

  • Entrepreneurs: Is It A Good Time To Feed The Entreprenuerial Ambitions? If So Where Are The Opportunities?


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Session 4

Special Focus Session: Financing of Solar Energy Opportunities In Industrial Processes (Solar Heat For Industries Project)


Presentation cum Interactive Discussion V



  • Market Framework for SHIP in India

  • Key Drivers for SHIP investment and Potential Implication for Investors in Indian Market

  • Different Business Models and Available Finance Tools

  • Discussion on Solar Saving and Payback Calculations

  • Different Financial Mechanism, how to choose the appropriate one for your business

  • Feasibility Study & Performance Analysis

  • Discussion on Funding Opportunities & Challenges Faced in India



17.30 Onwards

2nd Edition India Green Finance Awards 2018