Agenda Snapshot 2017 - The Agenda will heavily focus on the latest financing developments for renewable energy in areas like capital markets,project securitization,funds,green bonds, investment strategies and many more.


Session 1

Financing and Raising Funds: Financial Market Outlook - 

Analysing New Financial Sources for Raising Capital: Where Are The Funds?

Growth Of Private Equity In Renewable Energy Projects: What Lies Ahead?

How Will Recent Developments in Banking Regulations & Reforms Impact Lending and Overseas Borrowing in India

What Are The Latest Trends In RE Financial Modelling & Structures Driving Down Costs In Competitive Bidding

Latest Financial Innovations For Driving Down the Cost of Capital

Financing New Technologies: Energy Strorage

Challenges Vs Benefits In Investing In Renewable Energy Manufacturing Supplychain In India

Session 2

Financial Asset Optimisation

How CFOs are Approaching Asset’s Financial Optimisation Today?

Maximising Project Returns: Scrutinising Role Of Developers & Investors

Financial Data Management & Analysis: What Data Do Asset Owners Need & Where Are The Pain Points?

Managing Lifetime Costs And Profitability: Avoiding Bad Assets

Opportunities In Asset Improvement, Upgradation & Retrofitting

Is Vertical Integration The Way Ahead To Be Competitive In The Industry?

 Session 3

 Merger & Acquisition: New Opportunity for Changing Scenario

Overarching market trends driving M&A Deals in the Renewable Energy Portfolio

Where Are The Next Consolidation Opportunities: Evaluating Factors Risking Viability & Sustainability for M&A in Indian Renewable Energy Industry

Valuation Strategies: Utility Scale Solar, Rooftop Solar & Wind Energy Asset Quality

Portfolio Management: Risks, Challenges & Opportunities In Building & Managing A Renewable Energy Portfolio

 Session 4

Risk Management and Mitigation: Using Technology Vs Skills

Risks Analysis: Defining Key Risk Areas & Obligations

Insurance: How are companies overcoming the identified risks? New Products, Structures & Costs

Customised Risk Management Solutions: How Can Developers Move Towards More Customised Risk Management Products?

Key Legal Imperatives: Legal Risks In RE Contracts & Bidding


  End of the Day