11 Aug 2017, Hotel Four Seasons, Mumbai

An annual event hosted with an objective to foster the dialogue between economists, policy makers, industry representatives and banking experts on numerous topics in the field of clean energy

India's Leading Event Designed By The Industry For The Industry

An annual event hosted with an objective to foster the dialogue between economists, policy makers, industry representatives and banking experts on numerous topics in the field of clean energy

Impactful Ideas To Fulfill Capital Needs Of Tomorrow

The need to mobilize capital for green causes and adaptation initiatives following up on the Paris climate conference

Network With The Best And The Brightest

Engaging Industry's Best Minds To Discuss The Current And Future Of Renewable Energy Finance

Excellent Agenda, Powerful Networking

Leveraging New Business Opportunities

Excellent Insights, Indepth Analysis, Engaging Debates

Preparing For New Chapters Of Indian Renewable Energy Financing

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REIFF-India is the premier renewable energy investment & financing event in India. Attendees of this event include CEOs and other senior company officials, lenders, project developers, service and technology providers, EPC players, investors, investment bankers, private equity investors, venture capitalists and other top transactional professionals in renewable energy finance.

REIFF-India 2016 focuses heavily on the latest financing developments for renewable energy in areas like capital markets, project securitization, funds, green bonds andinvestment strategies. It will also focus on governmentpolicy and the role of the financial community in thegrowth of renewable energy. Given the strong innovationsthat the financial community are showing in therenewable energy space, we expect this to be a very exciting year for the conference.

The event draws an especially senior audience, comprising of over 150 senior decision makers, financiers and professionals in the renewable energy finance field only conference of its kind focusing on the individual roles played by all the parties in the solar sector and tracking the latest trends in the technology, project construction, engineering and business scenarios shaping the future of the industry.


Event Agenda Snapshot

Session 1 

Renewable Energy Investment Outlook 

Understanding the Existing Renewable Energy Financing Scenario in India: What Makes India an Attractive Renewable Energy Investment Market?

Key Fundamentals That Drive The Global and Indian Renewable Energy Investments

o Recent Government Initiatives and Regulatory Developments In Financing Renewable Energy Sector

o Analysing India’s Investment Environment For International Investors

 Session 2

 Raising Capital for Renewable Energy Projects

o What Are The Investment Timeframes Of The Large Investors And What Sorts Of Returns Do They Want?

o How To Assess The Cost Of Capital For Indian Renewable Energy Projects

o Key Challenges And Risks Involved In Various Sources Of Project Financing

o Financial Innovations Driving Down The Cost Of Capital

 Session 3

New Age Sources of Financing and M&A Opportunities

o Lowering The Cost Of Capital: An Insight Into The Debt & Equity

o Which Renewable Energy Projects End Up Being Most Bankable?

o Expectations Of Debt & Equity Providers: Term, ROI And Due Diligence

o Project Securitization and Green Bonds – What Role Does It Have In The Long Run?

 Session 4

 Risk Management and Mitigation: Financing Risk for Renewable Energy Projects

o What Are The Risks Involved In Raising The Capital For Renewable Energy Projects

o Assessing Legal And Related Risks In Financing Renewable Energy Projects

o What Are The Most Popular Risk Management Mechanisms and Instruments Available For Renewable Energy Project Developers?

o What Areas Of Financing Risk Management Are Underdeveloped? How Can We Move Towards More Customised Risk Management Products?


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