Why Attend:Testimonials

 "Interactive discussion and concern shown by the investors was impressive” - MPNRED

"Provided in depth insights on Re powering & Wind Solar Hybrid Projects” - Tata Power Trading

"Excellent Knowledge Sharing throughout Two Days” - UL India Pvt Ltd

“Conference was very informative with diversified topics”- Mytrah Energy

“Emphasis on GBI / AD and Re-Powering”-Tata Power Capital

“Loved the theme of the Forum- Innovation & Efficiency in technology”-Renew Power

“Liked the panel discussions. The presentations were from across Industries related to wind energy. Very well organized keep it up”-Bahwan Cybertek

“Everything was excellent-Topics covered and presentations”-Yes Bank

“A very good networking opportunity. Well represented who’s & who’s of the wind Industry. Topics( Variety was good). Panel Discussions were good”-Dupont India Pvt Ltd

“Liked the topics covered in the forum”-Elecon Engg co. Ltd

“Diversified presence, a very good quality attendance”-Atria Power

“All speakers were best in class”-Panama Wind Energy Developers Pvt Ltd






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