Agenda 2017

Conference Agenda Day 1 



Registration & Networking Tea


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Session 1: Current Scenario : Winds Of Change

Changing Business Scenario:

New Roadmap To Install More 26 GW By 2022

Impact Of Competitive Bidding on Wind Energy Sector:  Current Scenario & Way Ahead

Analysing Recent Auction Results: Key Learnings and Future Price Sustainability

Changing Business Models In The Wind Industry

NextGen Market Making-What Will Be The Line Of Business

Regulatory & Policy Impact:

The Future Of Wind Industry: The New Indian Policy Roadmap

Policy Hurdles: Rationalizing Wind Tariffs & Impact Of Renegotiation

Current Policy Needs: Evacuation Challenges, Grid Codes & Green Corridors


Rapid Fire Networking Round 1 & Tea Break

12.00 - 12.15

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12.30 - 14.00

Session 2: Technology: Project Development-Turbine Technology & Cost Management

Cost Management:

Bringing Down Cost Of Wind Turbines And Project Construction - How Far Can The Sector Go?

Identifying Areas of Cost Reduction: Cost Pressures From Competitive Bidding & Auctions

Post-Commissioning Cost Management: Improving Project ROI of Wind Projects

Blade & Tower Technology:

Recent Developments In Design & Material Technology

Improving Turbine Output: Recent Technological Advancements

Efficiency Improvements: Future Of Turbine Efficiency For Various Indian Conditions

Manufacturing Excellence To Achieve Superior Quality Standards

14.00 - 15.00

Networking Lunch Break




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15.30 - 17.00

Session 3: Technology: Wind Asset Management & Grid Integration

Asset Management

Reducing O&M Costs: Improving Reliability, Availability & Efficiency of Wind Farm Assets

IT & Data Analytics: How Can We Use Machine Data to Improve Turbine Inspections and Predict Failures?

Predictive O&M and Analytics: Improvements Predictive Maintenance via Cloud based Platforms

Lifetime Enhancement & Condition Monitoring: Project Strategies & Key Focus Areas

Spare Management, Servicing & Operational Costs: Using Technology To Reduce Servicing Costs & Improving Machine Uptime

Forecasting, Scheduling & Grid Integration

Grid Integration: Current Status And Recent Reforms In Grid Integration For Wind Power

Grid Code: Setting Up A Grid Code and Grid Policy For Wind Power

Integration Issues: Variability, Intermittency, Congestion etc

Grid Stability: Learning from the Global Experiences On Effective Management On Wind Power

Growing Role Of IT in Grid Integration: Improving Prediction, Scheduling and Forecasting Practices


Conference Agenda Day 2




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10.30- 11.30

Session 4: Financing The Wind Energy Growth In India

Need For Scale: Attracting and Accessing Large Global Capital Investments Into The Sector

Risk Analysis: Key Fundamental Risks In The Wind Sector & Improving Asset Quality

M&A Opportunities: New Emerging Opportunities For Mergers & Acquisitions In The Wind Sector

Valuation Challenges: Valuation Of Old Wind Farms, Financing Repowering Projects

Innovation In Insurance Products: Latest Risk Mitigation Products & Structures Introduced

11.30 - 12.00

Networking Tea  Break


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12.30 - 14.00

Repowering, Energy Storage & Wind Solar Hybrid Projects

Market Potential: Utility Scale Wind Solar Hybrid Projects In India

Design Challenges: Understanding The Key Design Issues Challenges And Parameters For Wind Solar Hybrid Systems

Learning From The Leaders: Case Studies From Indian Pilot Hybrid Projects


Technical Challenges: Key Technical Challenges Faced In Repowering Projects

Costs & Returns: Improving Expected Project Returns of Repowering Projects

Energy Storage: Costs & Future Business Scenarios

Offshore Wind: Challenges in Offshore Wind Development:  Complex Development Process, Levelised Cost Of Energy, Financing, Infrastructure Development, Supply Chain, Ports & Grid, Socio-Environmental Constraints

Learning’s From the Globe: DE-Risk Development, Maritime Spatial Planning, Demonstration Projects, Financial Support & Long Term vision

14.00- 15.00

Networking Lunch Break                                                                                                                

15.00 Onwards

India Wind Energy Excellence Awards 2018


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