The Conference

IWEF is India’s premier wind energy conference, awards and exhibition attracting over 300 delegates from across the globe.  Attendees of this event include CEOs and other senior company officials from all the stakeholders of Indian wind energy sector including IPPs, lenders, project developers, service and technology providers, EPC players, investors and other top professionals in wind energy sector.

This year’s edition of IWEF is going to focus on the various factors which will lead to a resurgence in the Indian wind energy sector, making it one of the most favorable wind energy sector globally. It will focus on government policy and the role of the renewable energy community in supporting an expedited growth of the wind energy sector in the country. Given the strong innovations that are pushing the wind energy growth, we expect this to be a very exciting year for the conference.

The event draws an especially senior audience, comprising of senior decision makers and also plays host to the annual IWEF awards night. The two-day event provides an excellent showcase and networking opportunity for industry members to speak with policymakers, media and industry partners alike while also enjoying a wide range of plenary sessions and workshops.




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