About Excellence Awards

The “India Wind Energy Excellence Awards 2018: Recognising Excellence”, to be held along with the India’s largest Wind Energy Event- ‘India Wind Energy Forum’, are the most prestigious recognition for the best performers and achievers in the industry.

The IWEF Industry Awards will be recognising the best performing companies and people for their achievements and positive contributions. It is one of the most important dates in the industry’s calendar,  calendar, offering over 300 of the industry’s finest professionals the chance to network with their peers and rewards performance, innovation and excellence. Most of all it recognises hard work, innovation and determination.

The India Wind Energy Excellence Awards is an event that celebrates the best deals, projects and innovations in industry over the past year and recognizes the players involved. Entries come from all over the world and compete to win these highly coveted awards. The Awards provide an excellent opportunity to rub shoulders and network with the very best in the industry. IWEF Awards will focus on personalities, projects & products from companies that have shook the wind industry  and have created an urge to use wind energy locally and globally. Nominate, visit, celebrate and support the wind industry on this auspicious occasion of Red Carpet Awards Night.


Leading the way in innovative thinking? Finding creative solutions to engineering challenges? Going that extra mile on behalf of your clients? Or simply bettering the overall business provision offered by your competitors?

If so, get the recognition you deserve, either individually or as part of the team, for a job well done. But not just from within your own organisation, secure professional acknowledgement from right across your industry. Let your peers witness your success and the positive reaction you will undoubtedly enjoy from your customers.

Anyone with an interest in pushing the boundaries of technical innovation and improved operational efficiencies should want to share their achievements with like-minded people. Putting forward an entry in their industry’s awards programme is by far the best way to achieve this overall awareness.

Technology, environmental and engineering considerations, along with best practices are ever changing. New products, new application techniques, new training initiatives and new thinking are helping to change the face of the industrial and commercial landscape. Irrespective of whether you are an entrant or not, the Gala Awards Ceremony provides unparalleled opportunities to engage with the companies, technologies and innovations which are helping to shape the future direction of the sector.



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