Industry Outlook

In India, 34 GW of wind capacity is on-stream against the 60 GW target. Coal still accounts for 58% of India's power, while wind provides 10% and solar 5% respectively. Only eight states in India have wind velocities strong enough to produce energy – Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The highest capacity addition in 2017-18 was in Karnataka, which commissioned 758 MW, followed by Andhra Pradesh, which added 344.1 MW. Madhya Pradesh and Telangana did not add a single megawatt capacity addition in last year.

India has lined up an ambitious plan to award 23GW wind power contracts by March 2020. India will auction 10 GW each for 2018-2019 and 2019-2020. It will be needing $125 Billion In Four Years To meet its Renewable Energy Target.

In February 2017, the Solar Energy Corporation of India conducted its first wind reverse auction of 1000 MW, which saw the winning tariff tumble to Rs 3.46 per unit.Tamil Nadu and Gujarat held 500 MW auctions each in July and December, while SECI held another one for 1000 MW in October. These saw wind tariffs fall further to a record low of Rs 2.43 per unit in Gujarat’s December auction. Thus the tariff witnessed the reduction from Rs 4-5 per unit during the FiT regime to 2.43 per unit in competitive bidding .2018 will again see the substantial capacity addition. SECI held a 2000 MW auction in February while Maharashtra auctioned 500 MW of wind contracts in the month of March for which the lowest bid was for Rs 2.85 per unit.

India is also planning capacity additions in Offshore wind sector.“Our target is that we would auction at least 5 GW of offshore wind capacities in 2018. Survey is in progress at various locations. We have placed order to buy equipment for that,” said R. K Singh, Power Minister recently. The first bids for setting up offshore wind projects in Tuticorin will come in this calendar year. FOWIND has recently published Offshore Wind Feasibility Studies for Gujarat and Tamil Nadu facilitating India's transition towards low carbon economy by development of Offshore wind power. They have provided a roadmap for initiating a sustainable and commercially viable offshore wind industry, focusing on two coastal states out of a total of eight coastal states and the Union Territory of Goa.


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